Dermal Therapy College is a modern training college bringing information and advice about the latest dermal therapy techniques for industry practitioners. We pride ourselves on being relevant and being open to new an innovative techniques.

The Dermal Therapy College has been a great training ground for me and really helped me expand my career prospects! You'll love the courses too!

Bianca Sagona, Graduate.

Dr Bridget Goodwin is the CEO of Dermal Therapy College. She has a full laser license and is certified in multiple treatments including plasma fibroblast, HIFU, Microchannelling, laser skin rejuvenation and many other aesthetic treatments. The courses are aimed at professionals in the aesthetics, beauty and cosmetic medicine sector.

Dr Bridget Goodwin sustained serious sun-damage in the Australian sun as a child and is passionate about ways we can encourage the skin to heal. This has applications not just for sun damage but for all aspects of anti-ageing treatments encouraging the skin to heal. She also has a PhD in experiments on human skin that had surprising findings back in wartime that we are only just coming to terms with now. Most of the new treatments use this technique, so sign up for the courses and find out how.